House and project management

House Management

As well as looking after our rental clients, Select Family Villas provides a House Management Service looking after villas and villa owners. In this exclusive area, which boasts many distinguished residents, Select Family Villas offers smashing homes where you will enjoy fantastic vacations, either as rental clients or as proud new owners. Life is much easier when you have a trusted right hand to help you out. 

Things we do for the renters and owners:
Co-ordinate gardeners, maids, plumbers, etc. and then make sure things get done, whether you are in Mallorca or not.
When you are not in Mallorca, regularly check up on the villa or apartment to make sure all is in order.
If renters or owners, friends or family are coming for a holiday, we organize their arrival, i.e. make sure the heating is on, plenty gas or oil is in the tanks, cleaners, gardeners, taxis, cars, shopping, etc. are all coordinated and provided.
While you are here, our mobile phones are on 24 hours for anything you may need – “getting locked out” for example, or anything else that could happen to you on a holiday. We are here to solve problems and make your stay the very best it can be.

Project Management

We provide this service whether you are refurbishing an already built property, or constructing a totally new property. 
  • Assist with the selection of a suitable architect for the type of project involved, and liaise with him and you to ensure that your ideas for the work are correctly translated and implemented.
  • In liaison with the architect, prepare a full bill of quantities and specifications to enable us to obtain an accurate estimate for the works on your behalf.
  • Obtain two or three estimates from suitable contractors and subcontractors.
  • Check estimates and report to you as to the suitability of the contractors.
  • Assist you and your lawyer to prepare a suitable contract for construction between you and the builder.
  • Supervise, together with the architect whenever possible, work in progress; holding meetings on site at which problems are raised and solved and variations discussed and implemented. We submit monthly progress reports and photographs to you for your information.
  • Liaise with the architect and you during the progress of the work to ensure that the builder has sufficient details of materials (i.e. wall and floor tile types, etc.) and drawings (i.e. showing design of doors for example) to enable him to purchase or manufacture pertinent items.
  • Undertake with the builder valuations of work completed to enable him to apply for interim payments.
  • When the work is completed prepare a “snagging” list for the builder’s attention and ensure that all defects are correctly rectified.
  • Check with, and make sure there is full agreement with the builder on his final account. Ensure that the necessary paperwork is completed prior to the issue of the final certificate for the architect.
  • During a further period of three months following practical completion of the project, we will continue to oversee the work to ensure that no problems occur due to faulty workmanship or materials used.
  • If you wish us to do so, we can effectively manage the whole project on your behalf, giving you total peace of mind that everything is being looked after even though you cannot be here.

House and project management House and project management House and project management